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This website is dedicated to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District's (DLWID) effort to revitalize Blue Heron Landing, a property it acquired in May of 2021. The District's vision is to restore the marina and build a public meeting space and small lakeside café. The facility will also include a visitors center, office space, a laboratory, and storage space that will become the new home for the District.

The Blue Heron Landing Project is a major milestone for the District, as it has been conducting operations on the lake for over 30 years without owning property on the lake. Having district-owned property will allow staff to access the lake easier and more efficiently, which will in turn allow us to continue providing quality services on the lake. Additionally, the public will have a place to access the lake and learn about the special environment that Devils Lake provides.

The project will collocate a public meeting space with District offices, providing a central location for the District to meet with the public and conduct its business. It will also be a valuable asset to the community, as it can be used for a variety of events, such as community meetings, workshops, and educational programs.

Here are some of the benefits of the Blue Heron Landing Project:

  • Permanent lakefront access for the DLWID
  • Easier and more efficient access to the lake for staff
  • Central location for the DLWID to meet with the public and conduct its business
  • Valuable asset to the community for a variety of events
  • Provides space for food preparation and an indoor/outdoor Café space
  • Re-establishes equipment and boat slip rentals

Community involvement is a key goal .

The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association is collaborating with the DLWID by establishing a community advisory committee that will help guide the District through the arduous task of obtaining funding, finalizing the project design goals, and assisting District staff on this important project.

The committee will be comprised of community members with a variety of skills and expertise. They will be responsible for providing input on the project, helping to identify potential funding sources, and ensuring that the project meets the needs of the community.

We also need your help! Please feel free to let us know your thoughts by using the contact us form below. Join the Blue Heron Landing Project and subscribe to gain access to additional information and receive occasional project updates by email. 

We are grateful for the support of the community as we move forward with this important project.

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