District Office

The District Office is a 510 square foot space located on the street level. It is divided into four key functional areas:

  • Laboratory
  • Director's Office
  • Staff Office
  • Meeting Space

In addition to the space on the street level, there is 564 square feet of storage space on the lake level. This space is used to store equipment and provide winter moorage for the District boat.



This designated area within the district office serves as a dedicated space for conducting scientific testing and in-depth analysis. To ensure optimal conditions, the laboratory is designed with effective ventilation systems and is outfitted comprehensively with appropriate safety apparatus.

The primary function of this laboratory revolves around advancing the realm of lake science research. These activities encompass routine water testing, continuous surveillance of lake conditions, and the identification of hazardous substances that could exert adverse effects on the delicate ecosystem of the lake.

The laboratory further features integral amenities such as a convenient sink, expansive counter space for conducting experiments, and ample storage provisions to house an assortment of necessary supplies.

Director's Office

This is the office of the District Director, who is responsible for the overall operations of the District office. The Director's office will be a private space where the Director can meet with staff, conduct confidential meetings, and complete paperwork. The Director's office is located in a central location in the building and has a window to provide natural light and a view of the visitor's center allowing engagement with the visiting public. The office will be furnished with a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and bookcase. The director may also want to have additional seating for guests..

Staff Office

This is the office for the District staff, who provide support to the Director and carry out the day-to-day operations of the District office. The staff office will be a comfortable and functional space where staff can work efficiently. The staff office is located near the Director's office. The office will be furnished with desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and computer workstations.

Meeting Space

This is a space where the District Office can hold meetings with staff, stakeholders, and the public. The space can be used for activities that are related to the visitor's center as well as District meetings. The meeting space is large enough to accommodate the several attendees and will be equipped with the necessary AV equipment such as a projector, screen, and internet conferencing system. The meeting space may also need to be equipped with a wall unit designed to store meeting supplies and conferencing equipment.

Equipment Storage

The storage space is located on the lower level of the building, near the lake. It is climate-controlled to protect the equipment from extreme temperatures. The space is secured to prevent unauthorized access. It is equipped with shelving and other storage solutions to make it easy to organize the equipment.