Meetings and Banquets


A versatile community room will be established within the facility, serving as a multi-functional space. It will offer a meeting space of approximately 1,024 square feet, accommodating District public meetings and events. An outdoor deck measuring 544 square feet will complement the indoor space, providing an area for attendees to enjoy fresh air and scenic views. The community room will also be available for private events, generating additional revenue for the District.


Public Meetings

The room will be used for the public board meetings of the District. In this configuration the set up includes a head table at the front of the room where the board members, and presenters will sit. It will also include rows of chairs facing the lake and head table where the board members will be seated. 

Cooperative Environment

The meeting room, situated near a serene lake and surrounded by natural beauty, provides a unique and peaceful setting that significantly improves communication between people. The natural environment is harmoniously integrated into the design, creating a calming atmosphere that promotes more productive and positive interactions among attendees.

Balcony Available

Meeting attendees can use the balcony overlooking the lake to get some fresh air, take in the scenery, and relax during breaks.

Banquets or Training Events

The multi-function room can be configured for banquets or training events with round tables that can seat 8 guests each.

Power of Positive

As previously mentioned the multi-function room, situated near a serene lake and surrounded by natural beauty, promotes more productive and positive interactions among attendees.


Again the Balcony

The balcony overlooking the lake is a great place for attendees to take a moment, stretch their legs, and clear their heads.

Entrance and Lobby

The lobby is the first area that visitors enter when they come to the building. It is a large, open space with a bench, a water fountain, and restrooms. The lobby is shared by the Visitors Center and the multi-purpose space.

The Visitors Center which is open during business hours is located on one side of the lobby. The multi-purpose space is located on the other side of the lobby. It is a larger space that can be used for a variety of events, such as meetings, workshops, and parties. When the multi-purpose space is not in use, it is locked.