The lake level area is primarily dedicated to the marina and will feature a contract concession space for operational purposes. This designated space will be allocated for a watercraft rental concession, as well as seasonal boat slip rentals, offering the general public a means to access and enjoy the beauty of Devils Lake. The concession space will span approximately 949 square feet and will include 20 rental boat slips. 

Outdoor Area

A dedicated space will be set aside for a watercraft rental concession, making it easy for the general public to rent a variety of watercraft and access Devils Lake. This area will improve the overall visitor experience and encourage more exploration of the lake.  The space will also provide indoor storage for rental equipment.

 Rental Window

Customers can access rental equipment from the interior of the dining room, which is configured for counter service. They can also interact with the rental office by entering from the lakeside patio.


Indoor Storage Area

The rental concessionaire will be provided with indoor storage for rental equipment, such as surfboards, kayaks, and other non-motorized watercraft.

Boat Slips

The District salvaged the historical boat docks at the site and repaired them. All existing boat slips are now available for rent.