Food Service Concession


Lakeside dining options will be provided through a dedicated area for a food service concession, ensuring visitors can indulge in delightful culinary experiences. The food service area, located on both levels of the structure, will feature a concession space for indoor and outdoor dining.  The food service concession will provide visitors with a diverse range of culinary options, creating a pleasant lakeside dining experience.


Indoor Dining

With an indoor dining area measuring 730 square feet patrons will be able to enjoy food and conversation safe from the weather outside.

Outdoor Dining

An outdoor dining area spanning 1,000 square feet, visitors will have ample lakeside seating options.

Order Window

Configured for counter service with the potential for limited table service to both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Kitchen Space

The kitchen space, covering 700 square feet, will initially be unfinished but can be equipped in the future.