Our Vision

The proposed design adheres to the following base parameters, which define the physical aspects of the facility:

Construction Materials

The structure will be primarily constructed using concrete, metal, and glass ensuring durability and longevity.

Height and Dimensions

The peak height of the structure will be 30', with a height of 26' 8" on the street side. The two story building will have a footprint measuring 40' x 80', offering a spacious environment. The total usable space will span approximately 6,400 square feet.

The new facility aims to accommodate the following essential functions:

District Office Space

This area will provide office space for District personnel, facilitating efficient operations and communication. Additionally, an on-site laboratory for lake analysis will be incorporated, allowing for detailed water testing and analysis.

Visitor Center

The facility will feature a visitor center that will serve as an informative hub, educating the public on Devils Lake and the various activities conducted by the District.

Multi-Purpose Area

A versatile community room will be established within the facility, serving as a multi-functional space. It will offer a meeting space for public meetings and events.

Public Marina

A public marina will operate out of the new structure, providing convenient access to Devils Lake. This area will include rental boat slips and may even include a potential fueling station, enhancing the overall experience for lake visitors.

Watercraft Rental Concession

This designated space will be allocated for a watercraft rental concession, as well as seasonal boat slip rentals, offering the general public a means to access and enjoy the beauty of Devils Lake.

Food Service Concession

Lakeside dining options will be provided through a dedicated area for a food service concession, ensuring visitors can indulge in delightful culinary experiences.